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Team Building

Companies are living, growing, changing organisms that need to be managed constantly. The personalities and team dynamics define both a companies limitations and also allows them the key to unlock their enormous potential…

Do your teams need to learn to work together?

Do your teams need to learn to communicate with each other?

Do your teams know the company goals and directions?

Do you feel the energy in your company is running on low?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, there are a number of benefits to Team Building.

You will gain many benefits from using a good quality team building event. But to obtain a good ROI, you need to include the team building event in your greater human capital development programme. A company needs to set out specific goals that they wish to achieve and using Team building groups and a team building facilitator, who can link the experiences of the day back to your business. With a facilitated team building day, the participants will learn how to use the events of the day to achieve results while having fun at the same time.

When you really want to make a difference in your working environment, we have the facilitators that will implement the programme that will deliver the results that you require.

Learning Speed - Capability
Can they do the job?

Motivations & Interests - Job Satisfaction
Will they have a passion for the job?

Personality - Job Fit
How well can they do the job?

Objectives of Assessments

Provides managers with hiring benchmarks for reducing turnover.

Provides managers with coaching benchmarks for understanding and developing the qualities that drive successful performance.

Provides managers with a tool they can use to analyze conflicts and facilitate teamwork.

Business success is a numbers game!

Return on Assets

Debt / Equity Ratio

Economic Value Added

Return on Investments

Profit Per Sale

Employee Retention

Market Share

Operating Expense Ratios

Rookie Ratios

Customer Loyalty

Employee Satisfaction

Revenues per Employee

Cost per Employee

Profit Per Employee

What managers can achieve with assessments?

Select the right person - the first time!

Set clear, attainable performance expectations!

Understand what drives successful performance and leverage it.

Understand what motivates each person and coach to it.

Create Individual Development Plans that are aligned with company needs, goals and vision.

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